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Hello and welcome to Movie Contest! Feel free to join or/and add the community to participate in our weekly challenges or/and to simply vote for your favourite artwork. We're always glad to have a new member on board.

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This is a community for icon and wallpaper contests. One will be started every week. First an icontest, followed by a wallpaper contest and so on. There will also be special challenges once in a while, like a carnival challenge for example, so watch out for it!

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- We will give you pictures for the challenges. There will be regular challenges and theme challenges from time to time.
- Your artwork must remain anonymous. Do not post it anywhere else before the winners are posted.
- Please, do not vote for yourself nor ask your friends to do so. Let's keep this a fair contest.
- Your entry(ies) must be in GIF, JPG, and PNG format.
- Do NOT take any work without the permission of the maker. If you wish to grab one, just leave a comment and I'll address it to the artist.

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Please submit your icons with both URL and the image code and your banners and wallpapers as a thumb and with the URL.

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The new challenge will be up shortly after the voting has been posted.
You have one week to submit your icons.
The voting will be posted on Saturday at around 8 p.m. (CET)
You have 2 days to vote. So the winners can be posted on Monday.

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