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summer break

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Hi everyone
We will be on holiday from Saturday on.
There have been no entries for the last challenge, so I guess a lot of you are on holiday as well. I hope that we will have some more entries again when the challenges will be restarted at the end of September.
If there are things you`d like us to do in another way than we do them right now. Just leave a comment :)
Happy holidays everyone and I hope we`ll have a little more action when we`re back
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Challenge N°15

This challenge is a wallpaper challenge and the topic is Firefly/Serenity. Pictures you can use are under the cut but you also can use other Firefly/Serenity pics.

since I found SerenityCollapse )

You can submit 3 walls. Texts and so on are up to you :)
Your walls should be 1024x768
Please submit them with Thumbnail and URL
You have until Saturday, July the 29.
Happy wallpaper making everyone
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Challenge 14 restarted

hi everyone ;)

I decided to restart the challenge. The banner challenges usually have a very low number of submission, so we decided to cancel it and go on with icons and walls. I hope we will have some more entries until next Saturday. So please get your entries in :))

superman returns-icon challengeCollapse )

The rules:

- you may enter 2 icons for each challenge, that makes 4 altogether
- You may only use the pictures provided.
- Blending and so on is allowed, animation is not.
- Please submit your icons including the URL (and please don`t forget it)in a comment to this post. All comments will be screeneed.
- This challenge will end on Saturday July 22nd
Happy icon making.
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Hi everyone

A little reminder that our next challenge ends on Saturday, July 8th. You can submit your banners here.

Regular Challenge: #1
Theme Challenge: #0

Keep them coming please