Miss K (tinkerfairy) wrote in moviecontest,
Miss K

Challenge 16

Wallpapers again. The votings of last weeks challenge and this weeks challenge will be combined.
Our subject this week is dear Ewan :) I checked some userinfos for interests and thought this might be a good idea and maybe a little motivation for all of you to enter :)

Please use only the pics provided.
Your wall should have at least 2 of the pics in it.
You can enter up to 3 walls.
The size should be 1024x768.
Please submit them with the URL.
Deadline for this weeks challenge is Saturday, October 21st
Happy wallpaper making everyone.

And the community icon challenge will be extended to that date as well. So far we have one person who entered. Some more entries would be really great, cause I´d love to do this on a regular basis. :)
Tags: challenge 16, wallpaper
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