Miss K (tinkerfairy) wrote in moviecontest,
Miss K

Mod Post

Hi everyone !
It took a little longer that expected, but there were some things that needed to be done in RL before we were able to come back here.
We´d love to start this with a few questions actually.
First one is, we were thinking about including tv shows, I´m not sure if we asked that already and it´s been some time, so I`ll ask again, so what do you think about that? Good idea? Bad idea?
And second, we`d need some more banner makers to make this all easier for us and you wouldn`t have to wait so long for your banners to be made. So is anyone of you willing to help us out here?
And the third and last question. Is there anything that you don`t like (or like a lot) about how this community is built up?
I`ll wait for some feedback before we restart our Serenity/Firefly challenge.
Your mods
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