November 2nd, 2006

Vampire Diaries - Me & Ian

REMINDER - Challenge 15, 16 and Community Icon Challenge

Hi ya'll! Well, Kathrin has added me as a mod to the community, it is an honour, thank you kathrinchin.

Been a little delay in getting the challenges up for voting. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that ya'll are just not giving us your pretties. So the end date has been extended again, to give you all a little more time to please, please, please submit your walls and icons for both the Ewan, Serenity/Firefly and Community Icon challenges. I know ya'll are extremely talented and you're depriving us all of the pretties. So yeah, here I am on my hands and knees begging/pleading with you to get into PS or PSP or whatever graphics program you use and let the muse run wild. You can enter your wallpapers for each challenge here - they will then all be up for vote together as one challenge.

Challenge 15 - Serenity/Firefly Wallpapers Here (this also includes the location for the Community Icon Challenge)

Challenge 16 - Ewan McGregor Wallpapers

Deadline for entries (to be posted to the above relevant locations): Saturday, 4th November.

This can be a great fun community, but while we have many members, we don't have that many participants in the challenges, which is such a shame. An even greater shame would be to see this community die.

Now the thing is, I want to know from you how many of you are still interested in this community and what we can offer that will peak your creative muses' interest in participating. In other words...We are giving you the opportunity to have your say.

1) What challenges would you like to see? Would you like to see TV series/actors challenges in addition to the movie challenges?
2) What else other than icons, wallpapers and banners would you like to see as a challenge?
3) Are there too many challenges? In other words, are we giving you enough time to participate or not enough time?

Also, please pimp this community - get the word out there to your fellow artists. Let us try get this community rocking LJ on it's head - I know, a big task and there are so many other fab graphics communities out there, but we can be mighty if we work together. I know that we all live very busy lives, and I totally understand if you just don't have time to participate, but if you do have time, please join in and share with us the delights of your creativity.
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